The history of the town and parish of Bromley dates back to Saxon times. The settlement takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon “Bromleag” meaning ‘place where the broom grows’ and was located in the old Saxon Kingdom of Kent. In 862 AD the Bishop of Rochester Eardwulf was granted the land to form the settlement by the King of Kent, Ethelbert. Subsequent bishops built and often rebuilt Bromley Palace to receive and house visitors to London, and continued to do so until 1845 when the Palace was bought by a private businessman named Coles Child. The 20th Century saw the manor house transformed into a girls’ finishing school, a teacher training college and finally a part of the Civic Centre. History of Bromley

In 1205, the town was granted a royal charter for its market by King John which had a great impact on its importance as a local economic centre. The town’s close proximity to London meant that during the industrial revolution it changed from being a rural centre to being a suburban district of the greater London area. Although historically part of the County of Kent, in 1894 it became an Urban District and in 1965 administratively became part of Greater London as the London Borough of Bromley, while still retaining a Kent postcode. During the Second World War, the town’s position close to the capital meant that it suffered a great deal of damage from bombing as well as V1 and V2 rocket attacks. The parish church of St Peter and St Paul was destroyed by a bombing raid and rebuilt in the 50s. The town has had a wide variety of famous inhabitants, most notable among them HG Wells, author of War of the Worlds and Richmal Crompton, author of the Just William stories who taught at the local High School. Charles Darwin also lived near to the town for many years, at Down House.

Dancing is a great career to get into. It is, however, not an easy one. You will be faced with endless auditions, issues of self-image, rejection, and of course, you need to be in peak fitness and train a lot to reach your goal of being a dancer.

To get into dance the best thing that you can do is to join a dancing group. It depends what type of dance you are into. You may like the idea of doing ballet, ballroom, street, tap, hip hop, or perhaps another style. Whatever you do choose, stick with it and take up the group. dancing

Next up, is to practice, practice makes perfect, and if you pursue your dream to become who you want to be, it is achievable. Make sure that you participate in as many dance competitions as possible so that you can be seen out and about at the events. There are often a lot of talent scouts that are looking for someone big, and you may get seen that way.

When you are sure that you are on a professional level and are confident that you are getting better, get yourself an agent. An agent will be able to get you auditions and help to market your talent. There are a lot of performances that require dancers to participate in, and if you are lucky, you could even land one of the leading roles should you really set your heart to it.

So, if you want to get into a career of dance, make sure that you follow the tips that are listed in this article. Remember, nothing in life is easy. By having perseverance, you will pull through in the end. Everyone has their day, and yours could be just around the corner if you don’t give up on your dream.

To get into dancing, you will need to invest heavily to buy equipment, dancing shoes and outfits. In addition there is also the transport costs to take into consideration. When we needed help we applied for bad credit help here.